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Author (up) Garcia-Echauri, S.A.; Gidekel, M.; Gutierrez-Moraga, A.; Santos, L.; De Leon-Rodriguez, A.
Title Isolation and phylogenetic classification of culturable psychrophilic prokaryotes from the Collins glacier in the Antarctica Type
Year 2011 Publication Folia Microbiologica Abbreviated Journal Folia Microbiol.
Volume 56 Issue 3 Pages 209-214
Abstract Culturable psychrophilic prokaryotes were obtained of samples of glacier sediment, seaside mud, glacier melted ice, and Deschampsia antarctica rhizosphere from Collins glacier, Antarctica. The taxonomic classification was done by a culture-dependent molecular approach involving the Amplified Ribosomal DNA Restriction Analysis. Two hundred sixty colonies were successfully isolated and sub-cultivated under laboratory conditions. The analysis showed a bacterial profile dominated by Beta-proteobacteria (35.2%) followed by Gamma-proteobacteria (18.5%), Alpha-proteobacteria (16.6%), Gram-positive with high GC content (13%), Cytophaga-Flavobacterium-Bacteroides (13%) and Gram-positive with low GC content (3.7%). Eleven of the isolates have been reported previously and the others microorganisms remain uncharacterized. The isolated microorganisms here could be a potential source for biotechnological products, such as cold-active enzymes and secondary metabolites.
Address [Garcia-Echauri, S. A.; Santos, L.; De Leon-Rodriguez, A.] Inst Potosino Invest Cient & Tecnol AC IPICYT, Div Mol Biol, San Luis Potosi 78216, SLP, Mexico, Email: aleonr@ipicyt.edu.mx
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Author (up) Thomsen, M.; Carmignani, L.; Rodriguez, A.; Scudiere, C.; Liveretou, C.; Fernandez-Pello, C.; Gollner, M.; Olson, S.; Ferkul, P.
Title Downward Flame Spread Rate Over PMMA Rods Under External Radiant Heating Type
Year 2022 Publication Fire Technology Abbreviated Journal Fire Technol.
Volume 58 Issue 4 Pages 2229-2250
Keywords Flame spread; Radiant heating; PMMA rod; Solid burning; SoFIE
Abstract There are multiple situations in which fires may occur at environmental conditions that are different than standard atmospheric conditions. Changes in ambient pressure, oxygen concentration, flow velocity, the presence of an external heat source or gravity may change the flammability and fire dynamics of materials. The objective of this work is to study the effect of external radiant heating on downward flame spread over cylindrical samples of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA). In this work, experiments under normal gravity and atmospheric ambient conditions are conducted using a variable heat flux with peak values up to 13.2 kW/m(2). A forced flow of air with a mass-mean velocity of 10 cm/s is used during the experiments. Flame spread rates were measured from video processing of the experiments at different conditions. Results show that the flame spread rate measured depends strongly on the amount of radiant heating provided. An analysis is presented to correlate the flame spread rate with the energy applied to the surface of the sample and the surface temperature. The results provide a baseline for comparison with future microgravity experiments to be performed by NASA as part of the SoFIE/MIST project aboard the International Space Station. It is expected that the results will provide insight for what is to be expected in different conditions relevant for fire safety in future space facilities.
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