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Author (up) Cruz, J.J.; Escudero, F.; Alvarez, E.; da Silva, L.F.F.; Carvajal, G.; Thomsen, M.; Fuentes, A.
Title Three-wavelength broadband soot pyrometry technique for axisymmetric flames Type
Year 2021 Publication Optics Letters Abbreviated Journal Opt. Lett.
Volume 46 Issue 11 Pages 2654-2657
Abstract Soot temperature measurements in laminar flames are often performed through two-color broadband emission pyrometry (BEMI) or modulated absorption/emission (BMAE) techniques, using models to relate the ratio between flame intensities at two different wavelengths with soot temperature. To benefit from wider spectral range and increase the accuracy of experimental estimation of soot temperature, this work proposes a new approach that uses three-color broadband images captured with a basic color camera. The methodology is first validated through simulations using numerically generated flames from the CoFlame code and then used to retrieve soot temperature in an experimental campaign. The experimental results show that using three-color and BEMI provides smoother reconstruction of soot temperature than two-color and BMAE when small disturbances exist in the measured signals due to a reduced experimental noise effect. A sensitivity analysis shows that the retrieved temperature from three-color BEMI is more resilient to variations on the ratio of measured signals than BMAE, which is confirmed by an error propagation analysis based on a Monte Carlo approach.
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Author (up) Verdugo, I.; Cruz, J.J.; Alvarez, E.; Reszka, P.; da Silva, L.F.F.; Fuentes, A.
Title Candle flame soot sizing by planar time-resolved laser-induced incandescence Type
Year 2020 Publication Scientific Reports Abbreviated Journal Sci Rep
Volume 10 Issue 1 Pages 12 pp
Abstract Soot emissions from flaming combustion are relevant as a significant source of atmospheric pollution and as a source of nanomaterials. Candles are interesting targets for soot characterization studies since they burn complex fuels with a large number of carbon atoms, and yield stable and repeatable flames. We characterized the soot particle size distributions in a candle flame using the planar two-color time-resolved laser induced incandescence (2D-2C TiRe-LII) technique, which has been successfully applied to different combustion applications, but never before on a candle flame. Soot particles are heated with a planar laser sheet to temperatures above the normal flame temperatures. The incandescent soot particles emit thermal radiation, which decays over time when the particles cool down to the flame temperature. By analyzing the temporal decay of the incandescence signal, soot particle size distributions within the flame are obtained. Our results are consistent with previous works, and show that the outer edges of the flame are characterized by larger particles (approximate to 60 nm), whereas smaller particles (approximate to 25 nm) are found in the central regions. We also show that our effective temperature estimates have a maximum error of 100 K at early times, which decreases as the particles cool.
Address [Verdugo, Ignacio; Jose Cruz, Juan; Alvarez, Emilio; Fuentes, Andres] Univ Tecn Federico Santa Maria, Dept Ind, Av Espana 1680,Casilla 110-V, Valparaiso, Chile, Email: andres.fuentes@usm.cl
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