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Author Jordan, A.; Brahm, R.; Espinoza, N.; Henning, T.; Jones, M.I.; Kossakowski, D.; Sarkis, P.; Trifonov, T.; Rojas, F.; Torres, P.; Drass, H.; Nandakumar, S.; Barbieri, M.; Davis, A.; Wang, S.H.; Bayliss, D.; Bouma, L.; Dragomir, D.; Eastman, J.D.; Daylan, T.; Guerrero, N.; Barclay, T.; Ting, E.B.; Henze, C.E.; Ricker, G.; Vanderspek, R.; Latham, D.W.; Seager, S.; Winn, J.; Jenkins, J.M.; Wittenmyer, R.A.; Bowler, B.P.; Crossfield, I.; Horner, J.; Kane, S.R.; Kielkopf, J.F.; Morton, T.D.; Plavchan, P.; Tinney, C.G.; Addison, B.; Mengel, M.W.; Okumura, J.; Shahaf, S.; Mazeh, T.; Rabus, M.; Shporer, A.; Ziegler, C.; Mann, A.W.; Hart, R.
Title TOI-677b: A Warm Jupiter (P=11.2 days) on an Eccentric Orbit Transiting a Late F-type Star Type
Year 2020 Publication Astronomical Journal Abbreviated Journal Astron. J.
Volume 159 Issue 4 Pages 10 pp
Keywords Exoplanets; Extrasolar gas giants; Exoplanet astronomy; Transit photometry; Radial velocity; Planet hosting stars
Abstract We report the discovery of TOI-677.b, first identified as a candidate in light curves obtained within Sectors 9 and 10 of the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) mission and confirmed with radial velocities. TOI-677.b has a mass of M-p = 1.236(-0.067)(+0.069) M-J, a radius of R-P = 1.170 +/- 0.03 R-J, and orbits its bright host star (V=.9.8 mag) with an orbital period of 11.23660 +/- 0.00011 d, on an eccentric orbit with e = 0.435 +/- 0.024. The host star has a mass of M-star = 1.181 +/- 0.058 M-circle dot, a radius of R. = 1.28(-0.03)(+0.03) R-circle dot, an age of 2.92(-0.73)(+0.80) Gyr and solar metallicity, properties consistent with a main-sequence late-F star with T-eff = 6295 +/- 77 K. We find evidence in the radial velocity measurements of a secondary long-term signal, which could be due to an outer companion. The TOI-677.b system is a well-suited target for Rossiter-Mclaughlin observations that can constrain migration mechanisms of close-in giant planets.
Address [Jordan, Andres] Univ Adolfo Ibanez, Fac Ingn & Ciencias, Ave Diagonal Torres 2640, Santiago, Chile
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