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Author Hartman, J.D.; Bakos, G.A.; Csubry, Z.; Howard, A.W.; Isaacson, H.; Giacalone, S.; Chontos, A.; Narita, N.; Fukui, A.; de Leon, J.P.; Watanabe, N.; Mori, M.; Kagetani, T.; Fukuda, I.; Kawai, Y.; Ikoma, M.; Palle, E.; Murgas, F.; Esparza-Borges, E.; Parviainen, H.; Bouma, L.G.; Cointepas, M.; Bonfils, X.; Almenara, J.M.; Collins, K.A.; Collins, K.I.; Relles, H.M.; Barkaoui, K.; Schwarz, R.P.; Mourad, G.; Timmermans, M.; Dransfield, G.; Burdanov, A.; de Wit, J.; Jehin, E.; Triaud, A.H.M.J.; Gillon, M.; Benkhaldoun, Z.; Horne, K.; Sefako, R.; Jordan, A.; Brahm, R.; Suc, V.; Howell, S.B.; Furlan, E.; Schlieder, J.E.; Ciardi, D.; Barclay, T.; Gonzales, E.J.; Crossfield, I.; Dressing, C.D.; Goliguzova, M.; Tatarnikov, A.; Ricker, G.R.; Vanderspek, R.; Latham, D.W.; Seager, S.; Winn, J.N.; Jenkins, J.M.; Striegel, S.; Shporer, A.; Vanderburg, A.; Levine, A.M.; Kostov, V.B.; Watanabe, D.
Title TOI 4201 b and TOI 5344 b: Discovery of Two Transiting Giant Planets around M-dwarf Stars and Revised Parameters for Three Others Type
Year 2023 Publication Astronomical Journal Abbreviated Journal Astron. J.
Volume 166 Issue 4 Pages 163
Abstract We present the discovery from the TESS mission of two giant planets transiting M-dwarf stars: TOI 4201 b and TOI 5344 b. We also provide precise radial velocity measurements and updated system parameters for three other M dwarfs with transiting giant planets: TOI 519, TOI 3629, and TOI 3714. We measure planetary masses of 0.525 +/- 0.064 MJ, 0.243 +/- 0.020 M-J, 0.689 +/- 0.030 M-J, 2.57 +/- 0.15 M-J, and 0.412 +/- 0.040 M-J for TOI 519 b, TOI 3629 b, TOI 3714 b, TOI 4201 b, and TOI 5344 b, respectively. The corresponding stellar masses are 0.372 +/- 0.018 M-circle dot, 0.635 +/- 0.032 M-circle dot, 0.522 +/- 0.028 M-circle dot, 0.626 +/- 0.033 M-circle dot, and 0.612 +/- 0.034 M-circle dot. All five hosts have supersolar metallicities, providing further support for recent findings that, like for solar-type stars, close-in giant planets are preferentially found around metal-rich M-dwarf host stars. Finally, we describe a procedure for accounting for systematic errors in stellar evolution models when those models are included directly in fitting a transiting planet system.
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