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Author Zalaquett, N.; Hojman, S.A.; Asenjo, F.A.
Title Spinning massive test particles in cosmological and general static spherically symmetric spacetimes Type
Year 2014 Publication Classical And Quantum Gravity Abbreviated Journal Class. Quantum Gravity
Volume 31 Issue 8 Pages 21 pp
Keywords exact solution; conformally flat spacetimes; spinning massive particle; cosmological spacetimes
Abstract A Lagrangian formalism is used to study the motion of a spinning massive particle in Friedmann-Robertson-Walker and Godel spacetimes, as well as in a general Schwarzschild-like spacetime and in static spherically symmetric conformally flat spacetimes. Exact solutions for the motion of the particle and general exact expressions for the momenta and velocities are displayed for different cases. In particular, the solution for the motion in spherically symmetric metrics is presented in the equatorial plane. The exact solutions are found using constants of motion of the particle, namely its mass, its spin, its angular momentum, and a fourth constant, which is its energy when the metric is time-independent, and a different constant otherwise. These constants are associated to Killing vectors. In the case of the motion on the Friedmann-Robertson-Walker metric, a new constant of motion is found. This is the fourth constant which generalizes previously known results obtained for spinless particles. In the case of general Schwarzschild-like spacetimes, our results allow for the exploration of the case of the Reissner-Nordstrom-(Anti) de Sitter metric. Finally, for the case of the conformally flat spacetimes, the solution is explicitly evaluated for different metric tensors associated to a universe filled with static perfect fluids and electromagnetic radiation. For some combination of the values of the constants of motion the particle trajectories may exhibit spacelike velocity vectors in portions of the trajectories.
Address [Zalaquett, Nicolas] Pontificia Univ Catolica Chile, Fac Fis, Santiago 22, Chile, Email: nzalaque@puc.cl;
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