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Author (up) Psaridi, A.; Bouchy, F.; Lendl, M.; Akinsanmi, B.; Stassun, K.G.; Smalley, B.; Armstrong, D.J.; Howard, S.; Ulmer-Moll, S.; Grieves, N.; Barkaoui, K.; Rodriguez, J.E.; Bryant, E.M.; Suarez, O.; Guillot, T.; Evans, P.; Attia, O.; Wittenmyer, R.A.; Yee, S.W.; Collins, K.A.; Zhou, G.R.; Galland, F.; Parc, L.; Udry, S.; Figueira, P.; Ziegler, C.; Mordasini, C.; Winn, J.N.; Seager, S.; Jenkins, J.M.; Twicken, J.D.; Brahm, R.; Jones, M.I.; Abe, L.; Addison, B.; Briceno, C.; Briegal, J.T.; Collins, K.I.; Daylan, T.; Eigmuller, P.; Furesz, G.; Guerrero, N.M.; Hagelberg, J.; Heitzmann, A,; Hounsell, R.; Huang, C.X.; Krenn, A .; Law, N.M.; Mann, A.W.; McCormac, J.; Mekarnia, D.; Mounzer, D.; Nielsen, L.D.; Osborn, A.; Reinarz, Y.; Sefako, R.R.; Steiner, M.; Strom, P.A.; Triaud, A.H.M.J.; Vanderspek, R.; Vanzi, L.; Vines, J.I.; Watson, C.A.; Wright, D.J.; Zapata, A. doi  openurl
  Title Three Saturn-mass planets transiting F-type stars revealed with TESS and HARPS TOI-615b, TOI-622b, and TOI-2641b Type
  Year 2023 Publication Astronomy & Astrophysics Abbreviated Journal Astron. Astrophys.  
  Volume 675 Issue Pages A39  
  Keywords planets and satellites: individual: TOI-615b; planets and satellites: individual: TOI-622b; stars: early-type; techniques: photometric; techniques: radial velocities; planets and satellites: individual: TOI-2641b  
  Abstract While the sample of confirmed exoplanets continues to grow, the population of transiting exoplanets around early-type stars is still limited. These planets allow us to investigate the planet properties and formation pathways over a wide range of stellar masses and study the impact of high irradiation on hot Jupiters orbiting such stars. We report the discovery of TOI-615b, TOI-622b, and TOI-2641b, three Saturn-mass planets transiting main sequence, F-type stars. The planets were identified by the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) and confirmed with complementary ground-based and radial velocity observations. TOI-615b is a highly irradiated (similar to 1277 F-circle dot) and bloated Saturn-mass planet (1.69(-0.06)(+0.05) R-Jup and 0.43(-0.08)(+0.09) M-Jup) in a 4.66 day orbit transiting a 6850 K star. TOI-622b has a radius of 0.82(-0.03)(+0.03) R-Jup and a mass of 0.30(-0.08)(+0.07) M-Jup in a 6.40 day orbit. Despite its high insolation flux (similar to 600 F-circle dot), TOI-622b does not show any evidence of radius inflation. TOI-2641b is a 0.39(-0.04)(+0.02) M-Jup planet in a 4.88 day orbit with a grazing transit (b = 1.04(-0.06)(+0.05)) that results in a poorly constrained radius of 1.61(-0.64)(+0.46) R-Jup. Additionally, TOI-615b is considered attractive for atmospheric studies via transmission spectroscopy with ground-based spectrographs and JWST. Future atmospheric and spin-orbit alignment observations are essential since they can provide information on the atmospheric composition, formation, and migration of exoplanets across various stellar types.  
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  ISSN 0004-6361 ISBN Medium  
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  Notes WOS:001023752300020 Approved  
  Call Number UAI @ alexi.delcanto @ Serial 1872  
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