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Author (up) Eberhardt, J.; Hobson, M.J.; Henning, T.; Trifonov, T.; Brahm, R.; Espinoza, N.; Jordan, A.; Thorngren, D.; Burn, R.; Rojas, F.I.; Sarkis, P.; Schlecker, M.; Pinto, M.T.; Barkaoui, K.; Schwarz, R.P.; Suarez, O.; Guillot, T.; Triaud, A.H.M.J.; Günther, M.N.; Abe, L.; Boyle, G.; Leiva, R.; Suc, V.; Evans, P.; Dunckel, N.; Ziegler, C.; Falk, B.; Fong, W.; Rudat, A.; Shporer, A.; Striegel, S.; Watanabe, D.; Jenkins, J.M.; Seager, S.; Winn, J.N. doi  openurl
  Title Three Warm Jupiters around Solar-analog Stars Detected with TESS Type
  Year 2023 Publication Astronomical Journal Abbreviated Journal Astron. J.  
  Volume 166 Issue 6 Pages 271  
  Abstract We report the discovery and characterization of three giant exoplanets orbiting solar-analog stars, detected by the TESS space mission and confirmed through ground-based photometry and radial velocity measurements taken at La Silla observatory with FEROS. TOI-2373 b is a warm Jupiter orbiting its host star every similar to 13.3 days, and is one of the most massive known exoplanet with a precisely determined mass and radius around a star similar to the Sun, with an estimated mass of m(p) = 9.3(-0.2)(+0.2)Mjup and a radius of r(p) = 0.93(-0.2)(+0.2) jup. With a mean density of r = 14.4 1.0 g cm + 0.9 -3, TOI-2373 b is among the densest planets discovered so far. TOI-2416 b orbits its host star on a moderately eccentric orbit with a period of similar to 8.3 days and an eccentricity of e = 0.32 0.02 + 0.02. TOI-2416 b is more massive than Jupiter with m(p) = 3.0 +0.09 M 0.10 jup, however is significantly smaller with a radius of r(p) = 0.88 + 0.02 ,R 0.02 jup, leading to a high mean density of r = 5.4 0.3 g cm + 0.3 -3. TOI-2524 b is a warm Jupiter near the hot Jupiter transition region, orbiting its star every similar to 7.2 days on a circular orbit. It is less massive than Jupiter with a mass of m(p)=0.64- + 0.04 M 0.04 jup, and is consistent with an inflated radius of r(p)= 1.00- + 0.03 R 0.02 jup, leading to a low mean density of r = 0.79 0.08 g cm + 0.08 -3. The newly discovered exoplanets TOI-2373 b, TOI-2416 b, and TOI-2524 b have estimated equilibrium temperatures of 860 10 +10 K, 1080 10 +10 K, and 1100-20 +20 K, respectively, placing them in the sparsely populated transition zone between hot and warm Jupiters.  
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  ISSN 0004-6256 ISBN Medium  
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  Notes WOS:001112004200001 Approved  
  Call Number UAI @ alexi.delcanto @ Serial 1952  
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