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Comisso, L.; Asenjo, F.A. Magnetic reconnection as a mechanism for energy extraction from rotating black holes 2021 Physical Review D 103 023014
Concha, P.K.; Durka, R.; Inostroza, C.; Merino, N.; Rodriguez, E.K. Pure Lovelock gravity and Chern-Simons theory 2016 Physical Review D 94 14 pp
Gonzalez, HA.; Puhm, A,; Rojas, F. Loop corrections to celestial amplitudes 2020 Physical Review D 102 126027
Hojman, S.A.; Asenjo, F.A. Supersymmetric Majorana quantum cosmologies 2015 Physical Review D 92 7 pp
Hojman, S.A.; Asenjo, F.A. Comment on “Highly relativistic spin-gravity coupling for fermions” 2016 Physical Review D 93 4 pp
Koch, B.; Asenjo, F.; Hojman, S. Almost relevant corrections for direct measurements of electron's g factor 2022 Physical Review D 105 053004