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Anabalon, A.; Deruelle, N.; Julie, F.L. Einstein-Katz action,variational principle, Noether charges and the thermodynamics of AdS-black holes 2016 Journal Of High Energy Physics 15 pp
Anabalon, A.; Deruelle, N.; Tempo, D.; Troncoso, R. Remarks On The Myers-Perry And Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet Rotating Solutions 2011 International Journal Of Modern Physics D 20 639-647
Anabalon, A.; Oliva, J. Exact hairy black holes and their modification to the universal law of gravitation 2012 Physical Review D 86 5 pp
Anabalon, A.; Ortiz, T.; Samtleben, H. Rotating D0-branes and consistent truncations of supergravity 2013 Physics Letters B 727 516-523