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Bertossi, L. Specifying and computing causes for query answers in databases via database repairs and repair-programs 2021 Knowledge And Information Systems 63 199231
Bertossi, L. Declarative Approaches to Counterfactual Explanations for Classification 2022 Theory and Practice of Logic Programming Early Access
Bertossi, L.; Geerts, F. Data Quality and Explainable AI 2020 Acm Journal Of Data And Information Quality 12 11
Bertossi, L.; Li, J.; Schleich, M.; Suciu, D.; Vagena, Z. Causality-based Explanation of Classification Outcomes 2020 DEEM'20: Proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on Data Management for End-to-End Machine Learning 6 1-10
Livshits, E.; Bertossi, L.; Kimefeld, B.; Sebag, M. The Shapley Value of Tuples in Query Answering 2021 Logical Methods in Computer Science 17 22
Livshits, E.; Bertossi, L.; Kimelfeld, B.; Sebag, M. Query Games in Databases 2021 Sigmod Record 50 78-85