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Antilen, J.; Casassus, S.; Cieza, L.A.; Gonzalez-Ruilova, C. Gas distribution in ODISEA sources from ALMA long-baseline observations in (CO)-C-12(2-1) 2023 Monthly Notices Of The Royal Astronomical Society 522 2611-2627
Casassus, S.; Carcamo, M. Variable structure in the PDS 70 disc and uncertainties in radio-interferometric image restoration 2022 Monthly Notices Of The Royal Astronomical Society 513 5790-5798
Casassus, S.; Carcamo, M.; Hales, A.; Weber, P.; Dent, B. The Doppler Flip in HD 100546 as a Disk Eruption: The Elephant in the Room of Kinematic Protoplanet Searches 2022 Astrophysical Journal Letters 933 L4
Casassus, S.; Christiaens, V.; Carcamo, M.; Perez, S.; Weber, P.; Ercolano, B.; van der Marel, N.; Pinte, C.; Dong, R.B.; Baruteau, C.; Cieza, L.; van Dishoeck, E.F.; Jordan, A.; Price, D.J.; Absil, O.; Arce-Tord, C.; Faramaz, V.; Flores, C.; Reggiani, M. A dusty filament and turbulent CO spirals in HD 135344B-SAO 206462 2021 Monthly Notices Of The Royal Astronomical Society 507 3789-3809
Nogueira, P.H.; Zurlo, A.; Perez, S.; Gonzalez-Ruilova, C,; Cieza, L.A.; Hales, A.; Bhowmik, T.; Ruiz-Rodriguez, D.A.; Principe, D.A.; Herczeg, G.J.; Williams, J.P.; Cuadra, J.; Montesinos, M.; Cuello, N.; Chavan, P.; Casassus, S.; Zhu, Z.H.; Goicovic, F.G. Resolving the binary components of the outbursting protostar HBC 494 with ALMA 2023 Monthly Notices Of The Royal Astronomical Society 523 4970-4991
Ruiz-Rodriguez, D.A.; Cieza, L.A.; Casassus, S.; Almendros-Abad, V.; Jofre, P.; Muzic, K.; Ramirez, K.P.; Batalla-Falcon, G.; Dunham, M.M.; Gonzalez-Ruilova, C.; Hales, A.; Humphreys, E.; Nogueira, P.H.; Paladini, C.; Tobin, J.; Williams, J.P.; Zurlo, A. Discovery of a Brown Dwarf with Quasi-spherical Mass Loss 2022 Astrophysical Journal 938 54