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Bravo, M.; Cominetti, R. Sharp convergence rates for averaged nonexpansive maps 2018 Israel Journal Of Mathematics 227 163-188
Bravo, M.; Cominetti, R.; Pavez-Signe, M. Rates of convergence for inexact Krasnosel'skii-Mann iterations in Banach spaces 2019 Mathematical Programming 175 241-262
Colini-Baldeschi, R.; Cominetti, R.; Mertikopoulos, P.; Scarsini, M. When Is Selfish Routing Bad? The Price of Anarchy in Light and Heavy Traffic 2020 Operations Research 68 411-434
Colini-Baldeschi, R.; Cominetti, R.; Scarsini, M. Price of Anarchy for Highly Congested Routing Games in Parallel Networks 2019 Theory Of Computing Systems 63 90-113
Cominetti, R.; Correa, J.; Olver, N. Long-Term Behavior of Dynamic Equilibria in Fluid Networks 2022 Operations Research 70 516-526
Cominetti, R.; Dose, V.; Scarsini, M. The price of anarchy in routing games as a function of the demand 2022 Mathematical Programming Early Access
Cominetti, R.; Quattropani, M.; Scarsini, M. The Buck-Passing Game 2022 Mathematics Operations Research Early Access
Cominetti, R.; Roshchina, V.; Williamson, A. A counterexample to De Pierro's conjecture on the convergence of under-relaxed cyclic projections 2019 Optimization 68 3-12
Cominetti, R.; Scarsini, M.; Schroder, M.; Stier-Moses, N. Approximation and Convergence of Large Atomic Congestion Games 2022 Mathematics of Operations Research Early Access
Contreras, J.P.; Cominetti, R. Optimal error bounds for non-expansive fixed-point iterations in normed spaces 2022 Mathematical Programming Early Access
Dumett, M.A.; Cominetti, R. On The Stability Of An Adaptive Learning Dynamics In Traffic Games 2018 Journal Of Dynamics And Games 5 265-282
Rios, I.; Larroucau, T.; Parra, G.; Cominetti, R. Improving the Chilean College Admissions System 2021 Operations Research 69 1186-1205