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Bandi, M.M.; Concha, A.; Wood, R.; Mahadevan, L. A pendulum in a flowing soap film 2013 Physics Of Fluids 25 6 pp
Basu, S.; Yawar, A.; Concha, A.; Bandi, M.M. On angled bounce-off impact of a drop impinging on a flowing soap film 2017 Fluid Dynamics Research 49 19 pp
Carrasco, M.; Mery, D.; Concha, A.; Velazquez, R.; De Fazio, R.; Visconti, P. An Efficient Point-Matching Method Based on Multiple Geometrical Hypotheses 2021 Electronics 10 246
Cisternas, J.; Mellado, P.; Urbina, F.; Portilla, C.; Carrasco, M.; Concha, A. Stable and unstable trajectories in a dipolar chain 2021 Physical Review B 103 134443
Cisternas, J.; Navarro, M.; Duarte, S.; Concha, A. Equilibrium and symmetries of altitudinal magnetic rotors on a circle 2022 Chaos 32 123120
Concha, A.; Aguayo, D.; Mellado, P. Designing Hysteresis with Dipolar Chains 2018 Physical Review Letters 120 5 pp
Concha, A.; Mellado, P.; Morera-Brenes, B.; Costa, C.S.; Mahadevan, L.; Monge-Najera, J. Oscillation of the velvet worm slime jet by passive hydrodynamic instability 2015 Nature Communications 6 6 pp
Mellado, P.; Concha, A.; Hofhuis, K.; Tapia, I. Intrinsic chiral field as vector potential of the magnetic current in the zig-zag lattice of magnetic dipoles 2023 Scientific Reports 13 1245
Mellado, P.; Concha, A.; Rica, S. Magnetoelectric Effect in Dipolar Clusters 2020 PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 125 237602
Tapia-Belmonte, F.; Concha, A.; Poupin, M.J. The Effects of Uniform and Nonuniform Magnetic Fields in Plant Growth: A Meta-Analysis Approach 2023 Biolectromagnetics Early Access
Urbina, F.; Franco, A.F.; Concha, A. Frequency dynamics of a chain of magnetized rotors: dumbbell model vs Landau-Lifshitz equation 2022 Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter 34 485801