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Antico, F.C.; Concha-Riedel, J.; Valdivia, I.; García Herrera, C.; Utrera, A. The fracture mechanical behavior of the interface between animal fibers, mortar, and earth matrices. A theoretical and experimental approach 2023 Composites Part B-Engineering 254 110568
Araya-Letelier, G.; Concha-Riedel, J.; Antico, F.C.; Sandoval, C. Experimental mechanical-damage assessment of earthen mixes reinforced with micro polypropylene fibers 2019 Construction And Building Materials 198 762-776
Araya-Letelier, G.; Concha-Riedel, J.; Antico, F.C.; Valdes, C.; Caceres, G. Influence of natural fiber dosage and length on adobe mixes damage-mechanical behavior 2018 Construction And Building Materials 174 645-655
Concha-Riedel, J., Antico, F.C., Araya-Letelier, G. Mechanical and damage similarities of adobe blocks reinforced with natural and industrial fibres 2020 Revista Materia 25 11pp
Concha-Riedel, J.; Antico, F.C.; Lopez-Querol, S. Mechanical strength, mass loss and volumetric changes of drying adobe matrices combined with kaolin and fine soil particles 2021 Construction And Building Materials 312 125246