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Aranis, A.; de la Cruz, R.; Montenegro, C.; Ramirez, M.; Caballero, L.; Gomez, A.; Walker, K. Meta-Estimation of Araucanian Herring, Strangomera bentincki (Norman, 1936), Biological Indicators in the Central-South Zone of Chile (32 degrees-47 degrees LS) 2022 Frontiers in Marine Science 9 886321
Blanco, K.; Salcidua, S.; Orellana, P.; Sauma, T.; Leon, T.; Lopez-Steinmetz, L.C.; Ibañez, A.; Duran-Aniotz, C.; De la Cruz, R. Systematic review: fluid biomarkers and machine learning methods to improve the diagnosis from mild cognitive impairment to Alzheimers disease 2023 Alzheimer's Research & Therapy Early Access
Celis, P.; de la Cruz, R.; Fuentes, C.; Gomez, HW. Survival and Reliability Analysis with an Epsilon-Positive Family of Distributions with Applications 2021 Symmetry-Basel 13 908
de la Cruz, R.; Fuentes, C.; Padilla, O. A Bayesian Mixture Cure Rate Model for Estimating Short-Term and Long-Term Recidivism 2023 Entropy 25 56
de la Cruz, R.; Meza, C.; Narria, N.; Fuentes, C. A Bayesian Change Point Analysis of the USD/CLP Series in Chile from 2018 to 2020: Understanding the Impact of Social Protests and the COVID-19 Pandemic 2022 Mathematics 10 3380
de la Cruz, R.; Padilla, O.; Valle, MA.; Ruz, G.A. Modeling Recidivism through Bayesian Regression Models and Deep Neural Networks 2021 Mathematics 9 639
de la Cruz, R.; Salinas, H.S.; Meza, C. Reliability Estimation for Stress-Strength Model Based on Unit-Half-Normal Distribution 2022 Symmetry-Basel 14 837
Gaskins, J.T.; Fuentes, C.; De la Cruz, R. A Bayesian nonparametric model for classification of longitudinal profiles 2022 Biostatistics Early Access
Hernandez-Rocha, C.; Chahuan, J.; Uslar, T.; Salas, R.; Sepúlveda, I.; Pavez, C.; Perez, T.; Cofre, C.; De la Cruz, R.; Quintana, C.; Alvarez-Lobos, M. Relative survival and cause-specific mortality of a Chilean Inflammatory Bowel Disease cohort 2024 Journal of Crohns and Colitis 18 I2016-I2016
Marquez, M.; Meza, C.; Lee, D.J.; De la Cruz, R. Classification of longitudinal profiles using semi-parametric nonlinear mixed models with P-Splines and the SAEM algorithm 2023 Statistics in Medicine Early Access
Ruiz, E.; Yushimito, W.F.; Aburto, L.; de la Cruz, R. Predicting passenger satisfaction in public transportation using machine learning models 2024 Transportation Research Part A-Policy and Practice 181 103995