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Abenza, J.F.; Couturier, E.; Dodgson, J.; Dickmann, J.; Chessel, A.; Dumais, J.; Salas, R.E.C. Wall mechanics and exocytosis define the shape of growth domains in fission yeast 2015 Nature Communications 6 13 pp details   pdf doi
Azeem, M.; Guérin, A.; Dumais, T.; Caminos, L.; Goldstein, R.E.; Pesci, A.I.; de Dios Rivera, J.; Torres, M.J.; Wiener, J.; Campos, J.L.; Dumais, J. Optimal Design of Multilayer Fog Collectors 2020 ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 12 7736-7743 details   doi
Besson, S.; Dumais, J. Stochasticity in the symmetric division of plant cells: when the exceptions are the rule 2014 Frontiers In Plant Science 5 4 pp details   pdf doi
Campas, O.; Rojas, E.; Dumais, J.; Mahadevan, L. Strategies For Cell Shape Control In Tip-Growing Cells 2012 American Journal Of Botany 99 1577-1582 details   pdf doi
Campos, J.L.; Dumais, J.; Pavissich, J.P.; Franchi, O.; Crutchik, D.; Belmonte, M.; Faundez, M.; Jorquera, L.; Pedrouso, A.; Mosquera-Corral, A.; del Rio, A.V. Predicting Accumulation of Intermediate Compounds in Nitrification and Autotrophic Denitrification Processes: A Chemical Approach 2019 Biomed Research International 2019 9 pp details   pdf doi
Couturier, E.; Dumais, J.; Cerda, E.; Katifori, E. Folding of an opened spherical shell 2013 Soft Matter 9 8359-8367 details   pdf doi
Dumais, J. Mechanics and hydraulics of pollen tube growth 2021 New Phytologist 232 1549-1565 details   doi
Dumais, J. Modes of deformation of walled cells 2013 Journal Of Experimental Botany 64 4681-4695 details   pdf doi
Gole, C.; Dumais, J.; Douady, S. Fibonacci or quasi-symmetric phyllotaxis. Part I: why? 2016 Acta Societatis Botanicorum Poloniae 85 34 pp details   pdf doi
Gravelle, S.; Dumais, J. A multi-scale model for fluid transport through a bio-inspired passive valve 2020 Journal Of Chemical Physics 152 10 pp details   doi
Guerin, A.; Gravelle, S.; Dumais, J. Forces behind plant cell division 2016 Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences Of The United States Of America 113 8891-8893 details   pdf doi
Hamant, O.; Inoue, D.; Bouchez, D.; Dumais, J.; Mjolsness, E. Are microtubules tension sensors? 2019 Nature Communications 10 12 pp details   doi
Jarur, M.C.; Dumais, J.; Rica, S. Limiting speed for jumping 2019 Comptes Rendus Mecanique 347 305-317 details   doi
Llorens, C.; Argentina, M.; Rojas, N.; Westbrook, J.; Dumais, J.; Noblin, X. The fern cavitation catapult: mechanism and design principles 2016 Journal Of The Royal Society Interface 13 13 pp details   pdf doi
Raux, P.S.; Gravelle, S.; Dumais, J. Design of a unidirectional water valve in Tillandsia 2020 Nature Communications 11 7 pp details   doi
Rojas, E.R.; Dumais, J. A Mechanical Cusp Catastrophe Imposes a Universal Developmental Constraint on the Shapes of Tip-Growing Cells 2019 Biophysical Journal 116 121A-121A details   doi
Valenzuela-Heredia, D.; Panatt, C:, Belmonte, M.; Franchi, O.; Crutchik, D.; Dumais, J.; Vazquez-Padin, J.R.; Lesty, Y.; Pedrouso, A.; del Rio, A.V.; Mosquera-Corral, A.; Campos, J.L. Performance of a two-stage partial nitritation-anammox system treating the supernatant of a sludge anaerobic digester pretreated by a thermal hydrolysis process 2022 Chemical Engineering Journal 429 131301 details   doi
Van Hemelryck, M.; Bernal, R.; Ispolatov, Y.; Dumais, J. Lily Pollen Tubes Pulse According to a Simple Spatial Oscillator 2018 Scientific Reports 8 10 pp details   pdf doi
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