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Sanchez-Saez, P.; Reyes, I.; Valenzuela, C.; Forster, F.; Eyheramendy, S.; Elorrieta, F.; Bauer, FE.; Cabrera-Vives, G.; Estevez, PA.; Catelan, M.; Pignata, G.; Huijse, P.; De Cicco, D.; Arevalo, P.; Carrasco-Davis, R.; Abril, J.; Kurtev, R.; Borissova, J.; Arredondo, J.; Castillo-Navarrete, E.; Rodriguez, D.; Ruz-Mieres, D.; Moya, A.; Sabatini-Gacitua, L.; Sepulveda-Cobo, C.; Camacho-Iniguez, E. Alert Classification for the ALeRCE Broker System: The Light Curve Classifier 2021 Astronomical Journal 161 141
Forster, F.; Cabrera-Vives, G.; Castillo-Navarrete, E.; Estevez, PA.; Sanchez-Saez, P.; Arredondo, J.; Bauer, FE.; Carrasco-Davis, R.; Catelan, M.; Elorrieta, F.; Eyheramendy, S.; Huijse, P.; Pignata, G.; Reyes, E.; Reyes, I.; Rodriguez-Mancini, D.; Ruz-Mieres, D.; Valenzuela, C.; Alvarez-Maldonado, I.; Astorga, N.; Borissova, J.; Clocchiatti, A.; De Cicco, D.; Donoso-Oliva, C.; Hernandez-Garcia, L.; Graham, MJ.; Jordan, A.; Kurtev, R.; Mahabal, A.; Maureira, JC.; Munoz-Arancibia, A.; Molina-Ferreiro, R.; Moya, A.; Palma, W.; Perez-Carrasco, M.; Protopapas, P.; Romero, M.; Sabatini-Gacitua, L.; Sanchez, A.; San Martin, J.; Sepulveda-Cobo, C.; Vera, E.; Vergara, JR. The Automatic Learning for the Rapid Classification of Events (ALeRCE) Alert Broker 2021 Astronomical Journal 161 242
Elorrieta, F.; Eyheramendy, S.; Palma, W. Discrete-time autoregressive model for unequally spaced time-series observations 2019 Astronomy & Astrophysics 627 11 pp
Vicuna, L.; Fernandez, M.I.; Vial, C.; Valdebenito, P.; Chaparro, E.; Espinoza, K.; Ziegler, A.; Bustamante, A.; Eyheramendy, S. Adaptation to Extreme Environments in an Admixed Human Population from the Atacama Desert 2019 Genome Biology And Evolution 11 2468-2479
Vicuna, L.; Klimenkova, O.; Norambuena, T.; Martinez, F.I.; Fernandez, M.I.; Shchur, V.; Eyheramendy, S. Postadmixture Selection on Chileans Targets Haplotype Involved in Pigmentation, Thermogenesis and Immune Defense against Pathogens 2020 Genome Biology And Evolution 12 1459-1470
Vicuna, L.; Norambuena, T.; Miranda, JP.; Pereira, A.; Mericq, V.; Ongaro, L.; Montinaro, F.; Santos, JL.; Eyheramendy, S. Novel loci and mapuche genetic ancestry are associated with pubertal growth traits in Chilean boys 2021 Human Genetics Early Access
Lardone, M.C.; Busch, A.S.; Santos, J.L.; Miranda, P.; Eyheramendy, S.; Pereira, A.; Juul, A.; Almstrup, K.; Mericq, V. A Polygenic Risk Score Suggests Shared Genetic Architecture of Voice Break With Early Markers of Pubertal Onset in Boys 2020 Journal Of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism 105 E349-E357
Elorrieta, F.; Eyheramendy, S.; Palma, W.; Ojeda, C. A novel bivariate autoregressive model for predicting and forecasting irregularly observed time series 2021 Monthly Notices Of The Royal Astronomical Society 505 1105-1116