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Towers, S.; Vogt Geisse, K.; Chia-Chun, T.; Han, Q.; Feng, Z.L. The Impact Of School Closures On Pandemic Influenza: Assessing Potential Repercussions Using A Seasonal Sir Model 2012 Mathematical Biosciences And Engineering 9 413-430
Towers, S.; Vogt Geisse, K.; Zheng, Y.; Feng, Z. Antiviral treatment for pandemic influenza: Assessing potential repercussions using a seasonally forced SIR model 2011 Journal Of Theoretical Biology 289 259-268
Vogt-Geisse, K.; Lorenzo, C.; Feng, Z.L. Impact Of Age-Dependent Relapse And Immunity On Malaria Dynamics 2013 Journal Of Biological Systems 21 49 pp
Vogt-Geisse, K.; Ngonghala, C.N.; Feng, Z.L. The Impact Of Vaccination On Malaria Prevalence: A Vaccine-Age-Structured Modeling Approach 2020 Journal Of Biological Systems 28 475-513