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Munoz, F.D.; Hobbs, B.F.; Watson, J.P. New bounding and decomposition approaches for MILP investment problems: Multi-area transmission and generation planning under policy constraints 2016 European Journal Of Operational Research 248 888-898
Munoz, F.D.; van der Weijde, A.H.; Hobbs, B.F.; Watson, J.P. Does risk aversion affect transmission and generation planning? A Western North America case study 2017 Energy Economics 64 213-225
Munoz, F.D.; Wogrin, S.; Oren, S.S.; Hobbs, B.F. Economic Inefficiencies of Cost-based Electricity Market Designs 2018 Energy Journal 39 51-68
Ozdemir, O.; Munoz, F.D.; Ho, J.L.; Hobbs, B.F. Economic Analysis of Transmission Expansion Planning With Price-Responsive Demand and Quadratic Losses by Successive LP 2016 Ieee Transactions On Power Systems 31 1096-1107
Perez, A.P.; Sauma, E.E.; Munoz, F.D.; Hobbs, B.F. The Economic Effects of Interregional Trading of Renewable Energy Certificates in the US WECC 2016 Energy Journal 37 267-295