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Holguin-Veras, J.; Reilly, J.; Aros-Vera, F.; Yushimito, W.; Isa, J. Park-and-Ride Facilities in New York City Economic Analyses of Alternative Locations 2012 Transportation Research Record 123-130
Holguin-Veras, J.; Yushimito, W.F.; Aros-Vera, F.; Reilly, J. User rationality and optimal park-and-ride location under potential demand maximization 2012 Transportation Research Part B-Methodological 46 949-970
Kalahasthi, L.; Holguin-Veras, J.; Yushimito, W.F. A freight origin-destination synthesis model with mode choice 2022 Transportation Research Part E-Logistics and Transportation Review 157 102595
Kalahasthi, L.K.; Sutar, P.; Yushimito, W.F.; Holguin-Veras, J. Optimal Sampling Plan for Freight Demand Synthesis with Mode Choice: A Case study of Bangladesh 2023 Transportation Research Record Early Access
Silva, K.; Lima, R.D.; Alves, R.; Yushimito, W.F.; Holguin-Veras, J. Freight and Service Parking Needs in Historical Centers: A Case Study in Sao Joao Del Rei, Brazil 2020 Transportation Research Record 2674 352-366
Yushimito, W.F.; Ban, X.G.; Holguin-Veras, J. Correcting the Market Failure in Work Trips with Work Rescheduling: An Analysis Using Bi-level Models for the Firm-workers Interplay 2015 Networks & Spatial Economics 15 883-915
Yushimito, W.F.; Ban, X.G.; Holguin-Veras, J. A Two-Stage Optimization Model for Staggered Work Hours 2014 Journal Of Intelligent Transportation Systems 18 410-425
Yushimito, W.F.; Holguin-Veras, J.; Gellona, T. Firm's efficiency and the feasibility of incentives for flextime adoption: a preliminary analysis of Chilean employer's response 2018 Transportation Letters-The International Journal Of Transportation Research 10 202-214