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Ferrada, F.; Babonneau, F.; Homem-de-Mello, T.; Jalil-Vega, F. The role of hydrogen for deep decarbonization of energy systems: A Chilean case study 2023 Energy Policy 177 113536
Wickham, D.; Hawkes, A.; Jalil-Vega, F. Hydrogen supply chain optimisation for the transport sector-Focus on hydrogen purity and purification requirements 2021 Applied Energy 305 117740
Ferraz, A.D.N.; Machado, P.G.; Jalil-Vega, F.; Coelho, S.T.; Woods, J. Liquefied biomethane from sugarcane vinasse and municipal solid waste: Sustainable fuel for a green-gas heavy duty road freight transport corridor in Sao Paulo state 2022 Journal Of Cleaner Production 335 130281
Ferrada, F.; Babonneau, F.; Homem-de-Mello, T.; Jalil-Vega, F. Energy planning policies for residential and commercial sectors under ambitious global and local emissions objectives: A Chilean case study 2022 Journal Of Cleaner Production 350 131299
Schmidt-Rivera, X.S.; Rodgers, B.; Odanye, T.; Jalil-Vega, F.; Farmer, J. The role of aeroponic container farms in sustainable food systems – The environmental credentials 2023 Science Of The Total Environment 860 160420