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Fernandes, R.B.; Mulders, G.D.; Pascucci, I.; Bergsten, G.J.; Koskinen, T.T.; Hardegree-Ullman, K.K.; Pearson, K.A.; Giacalone, S.; Zink, J.; Ciardi, D.R.; O'Brien, P. pterodactyls: A Tool to Uniformly Search and Vet for Young Transiting Planets in TESS Primary Mission Photometry 2022 Astronomical Journal 164 78
Bergsten, G.J.; Pascucci, I.; Mulders, G.D.; Fernandes, R.B.; Koskinen, T.T. The Demographics of Kepler's Earths and Super-Earths into the Habitable Zone 2022 Astronomical Journal 164 190