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Allende, C.; Sohn, E.; Little, C. Treelink: data integration, clustering and visualization of phylogenetic trees 2015 Bmc Bioinformatics 16 6 pp
Little, C.; Felzensztein, C.; Gimmon, E.; Munoz, P. The business management of the Chilean salmon farming industry 2015 Marine Policy 54 108-117
Mancilla, R.A.; Little, C.; Amoroso, A. Efficient Bioconversion of High Concentration Phytosterol Microdispersion to 4-Androstene-3,17-Dione (AD) by Mycobacterium sp B3805 2018 Applied Biochemistry And Biotechnology 185 494-506
Perez-Pantoja, D.; Leiva-Novoa, P.; Donoso, R.A.; Little, C.; Godoy, M.; Pieper, D.H.; Gonzalez, B. Hierarchy of Carbon Source Utilization in Soil Bacteria: Hegemonic Preference for Benzoate in Complex Aromatic Compound Mixtures Degraded by Cupriavidus pinatubonensis Strain JMP134 2015 Applied And Environmental Microbiology 81 3914-3924