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Gonzalez, M.E.; Galleguillos, M.; Lopatin, J.; Leal, C.; Becerra-Rodas, C.; Lara, A.; San Martin, J. Surviving in a hostile landscape: Nothofagus alessandrii remnant forests threatened by mega-fires and exotic pine invasion in the coastal range of central Chile 2022 Oryx Early Access
Lopatin Interannual Variability of Remotely Sensed Phenology Relates to Plant Communities 2023 IEEE Geosciences and Remote Sensing Letters 20 2502405
Lopatin, J. Estimation of Foliar Carotenoid Content Using Spectroscopy Wavelet-Based Vegetation Indices 2023 IEEE Geosciences and Remote Sensing Letters 20 2500405
Lopatin, J.; Araya-Lopez, R.; Galleguillos, M.; Perez-Quezada, J.F. Disturbance alters relationships between soil carbon pools and aboveground vegetation attributes in an anthropogenic peatland in Patagonia 2022 Ecology And Evolution 12 e8694
Perez-Quezada, J.F.; Lopatin, J.; Donoso, M.R.; Hurtado, C.; Reyes, I.; Seguel, O.; Bown, H.E. Indicators of ecosystem degradation along an elevational gradient in the Mediterranean Andes 2023 Ecological Indicators 153 110388
Perez-Quezada, J.F.; Perez, C.A.; Brito, C.E.; Fuentes, J.P.; Gaxiola, A.; Aguilera-Riquelme, D.; Lopatin, J. Biotic and abiotic drivers of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus stocks in a temperate rainforest 2021 Forest Ecology and Management 494 119341
Perez-Quezada, J.F.; Trejo, D.; Lopatin, J.; Aguilera, D.; Osborne, B.; Galleguillos, M.; Zattera, L.; Celis-Diez, J.L.; Armesto, J.J. Comparison of carbon and water fluxes and the drivers of ecosystem water use efficiency in a temperate rainforest and a peatland in southern South America 2024 Biogeosciences 21 1371-1389