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Ayala, F.; Saez, E.; Magna-Verdugo, C. Computational modelling of dynamic soil-structure interaction in shear wall buildings with basements in medium stiffness sandy soils using a subdomain spectral element approach calibrated by micro-vibrations 2022 Engineering Structures 252 113668
Alcaino, P.; Santa-Maria, H.; Magna-Verdugo, C.; Lopez, L. Experimental fast-assessment of post-fire residual strength of reinforced concrete frame buildings based on non-destructive tests 2020 Construction And Building Materials 234 10 pp
Soto, V.; Saez, E.; Magna-Verdugo, C. Numerical modeling of 3D site-city effects including partially embedded buildings using spectral element methods. Application to the case of Viña del Mar city, Chile. 2020 Engineering Structures 223 111188
Candia, G.; Macedo, J.; Jaimes, M.A.; Magna-Verdugo, C. A New State-of-the-Art Platform for Probabilistic and Deterministic Seismic Hazard Assessment 2019 Seismological Research Letters 90 2262-2275
Puentes, J.; Parra, P.F.; Magna-Verdugo, C.E.; Cendoya, P.; Avudaiappan, S. Effects of Using High-Strength Reinforcement in the Seismic Performance of a Tall RC Shear Wall Building 2023 Buildings 13 960