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Efraimidis, I.; Hernandez, R.; Martin, M.J. Ahlfors-Weill extensions for harmonic mappings 2023 Journal Of Mathematical Analysis And Applications 523 127053
Ferrada-Salas, A.; Hernandez, R.; Martin, M.J. On Convex Combinations Of Convex Harmonic Mappings 2017 Bulletin Of The Australian Mathematical Society 96 256-262
Hernandez, R.; Martin, M.J. On the Harmonic Mobius Transformations 2022 Journal Of Geometric Analysis 32 18
Hernandez, R.; Martin, M.J. Criteria for univalence and quasiconformal extension of harmonic mappings in terms of the Schwarzian derivative 2015 Archiv Der Mathematik 104 53-59
Hernandez, R.; Martin, M.J. Pre-Schwarzian and Schwarzian Derivatives of Harmonic Mappings 2015 Journal Of Geometric Analysis 25 64-91
Hernandez, R.; Martin, M.J. Quasiconformal Extension Of Harmonic Mappings In The Plane 2013 Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae-Mathematica 38 617-630
Hernandez, R.; Martin, M.J. Stable geometric properties of analytic and harmonic functions 2013 Mathematical Proceedings Of The Cambridge Philosophical Society 155 343-359