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Anabalon, A.; Astefanesei, D.; Choque, D.; Martinez, C. Trace anomaly and counterterms in designer gravity 2016 Journal Of High Energy Physics 29 pp
Anabalon, A.; Astefanesei, D.; Martinez, C. Mass of asymptotically anti-de Sitter hairy spacetimes 2015 Physical Review D 91 6 pp
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Martinez, C.; Aguilar, C.; Briones, E.; Guzman, D.; Zelaya, E.; Troncoso, L.; Roja, P.A. Effects of Zr on the amorphization of Cu-Ni-Zr alloys prepared by mechanical alloying 2018 Journal of Alloys and Compounds 765 771-781
Martinez, C.; Briones, F.; Aguilar, C.; Araya, N.; Iturriza, I.; Machado, I.; Rojas, P. Effect of hot pressing and hot isostatic pressing on the microstructure, hardness, and wear behavior of nickel 2020 Materials Letters 273 127944
Martinez, C.; Briones, F.; Rojas, P.; Aguilar, C.; Guzman, D.; Ordonez, S. Microstructural and mechanical characterization of copper, nickel, and Cu-based alloys obtained by mechanical alloying and hot pressing 2017 Materials Letters 209 509-512
Martinez, C.; Briones, F.; Rojas, P.; Ordonez, S.; Aguilar, C.; Guzman, D. Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Copper, Nickel and Ternary Alloys Cu-Ni-Zr Obtained by Mechanical Alloying and Hot Pressing 2017 MRS Advances 2 2831-2836
Moreno, R.; Bezerra, B.; Rudnick, H.; Suazo-Martinez, C.; Carvalho, M.; Navarro, A.; Silva, C.; Strbac, G. Distribution Network Rate Making in Latin America 2020 Ieee Power & Energy Magazine 18 33-48
Munoz, FD.; Suazo-Martinez, C.; Pereira, E.; Moreno, R. Electricity market design for low-carbon and flexible systems: Room for improvement in Chile 2021 Energy Policy 148 111997
Rojas, P.A .; Martinez, C.; Aguilar, C.; Briones, F.; Zelaya, M.E.; Guzman, D. Characterization of phase changes during fabrication of copper alloys, crystalline and non-crystalline, prepared by mechanical alloying 2016 Ingenieria E Investigacion 36 102-109
Sanchez-Lopez, M.; Moreno, R.; Alvarado, D.; Suazo-Martinez, C.; Negrete-Pincetic, M.; Olivares, D.; Sepulveda, C.; Otarola, H.; Basso, LJ. The diverse impacts of COVID-19 on electricity demand: The case of Chile 2022 International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems 138 107883
Vera, R.; Valverde, B.; Olave, E.; Diaz-Gomez, A.; Sanchez-Gonzalez, R.; Munoz, L.; Martinez, C.; Rojas, P. Corrosion Behavior of Copper Exposed in Marine Tropical Atmosphere in Rapa Nui (Easter Island) Chile 20 Years after MICAT 2022 Metals 12 2082