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Chern, G.W.; Mellado, P. Magnetic monopole polarons in artificial spin ices 2016 Epl 114 6 pp
Cisternas, J.; Mellado, P.; Urbina, F.; Portilla, C.; Carrasco, M.; Concha, A. Stable and unstable trajectories in a dipolar chain 2021 Physical Review B 103 134443
Concha, A.; Aguayo, D.; Mellado, P. Designing Hysteresis with Dipolar Chains 2018 Physical Review Letters 120 5 pp
Concha, A.; Mellado, P.; Morera-Brenes, B.; Costa, C.S.; Mahadevan, L.; Monge-Najera, J. Oscillation of the velvet worm slime jet by passive hydrodynamic instability 2015 Nature Communications 6 6 pp
Farhan, A.; Petersen, C.F.; Dhuey, S.; Anghinolfi, L.; Qin, Q.H.; Saccone, M.; Velten, S.; Wuth, C.; Gliga, S.; Mellado, P.; Alava, M.J.; Scholl, A.; van Dijken, S. Nanoscale control of competing interactions and geometrical frustration in a dipolar trident lattice 2017 Nature Communications 8 7 pp
Farhan, A.; Scholl, A.; Petersen, C.F.; Anghinolfi, L.; Wuth, C.; Dhuey, S.; Chopdekar, R.V.; Mellado, P.; Alava, M.J.; van Dijken, S. Thermodynamics of emergent magnetic charge screening in artificial spin ice 2016 Nature Communications 7 6 pp
Mellado, P. Topological edge states in dipolar zig-zag stripes 2022 Journal of Physics-Materials 5 034007
Mellado, P. Intrinsic topological magnons in arrays of magnetic dipoles 2022 Scientific Reports 12 1420
Mellado, P. Timescales in the thermal dynamics of magnetic dipolar clusters 2020 Physical Review B 102 214442
Mellado, P.; Concha, A.; Hofhuis, K.; Tapia, I. Intrinsic chiral field as vector potential of the magnetic current in the zig-zag lattice of magnetic dipoles 2023 Scientific Reports 13 1245
Mellado, P.; Concha, A.; Rica, S. Magnetoelectric Effect in Dipolar Clusters 2020 PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 125 237602
Mellado, P.; Petrova, O.; Tchernyshyov, O. Projective symmetry of partons in the Kitaev honeycomb model 2015 Physical Review B 91 4 pp
Mellado, P.; Tapia, I. Magnetic solitons due to interfacial chiral interactions 2023 Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter 35 164002
Owerre, S.A.; Mellado, P.; Baskaran, G. Photoinduced Floquet topological magnons in Kitaev magnets 2019 Epl 126 7 pp
Petrova, O.; Mellado, P.; Tchernyshyov, O. Unpaired Majorana modes on dislocations and string defects in Kitaev's honeycomb model 2014 Physical Review B 90 14 pp
Petrova, O.; Mellado, P.; Tchernyshyov, O. Unpaired Majorana modes in the gapped phase of Kitaev's honeycomb model 2013 Physical Review B 88 4 pp
Rademaker, L.; Abanin, D.A.; Mellado, P. Charge smoothening and band flattening due to Hartree corrections in twisted bilayer graphene 2019 Physical Review B 100 6 pp
Rademaker, L.; Mellado, P. Charge-transfer insulation in twisted bilayer graphene 2018 Physical Review B 98 7 pp