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Bergsten, G.J.; Pascucci, I.; Hardegree-Ullman, K.K.; Fernandes, R.B.; Christiansen, J.L.; Mulders, G.D. No Evidence for More Earth-sized Planets in the Habitable Zone of Kepler's M versus FGK Stars 2023 Astronomical Journal 166 234
Bergsten, G.J.; Pascucci, I.; Mulders, G.D.; Fernandes, R.B.; Koskinen, T.T. The Demographics of Kepler's Earths and Super-Earths into the Habitable Zone 2022 Astronomical Journal 164 190
Fernandes, R.B.; Hardegree-Ullman, K.K.; Pascucci, I.; Bergsten, G.J.; Mulders, G.D.; Cunha, K.; Mamajek, E.E.; Pearson, K.A.; Feiden, G.A.; Curtis, J.L. Using Photometrically Derived Properties of Young Stars to Refine TESS's Transiting Young Planet Survey Completeness 2023 Astronomical Journal 166 175
Fernandes, R.B.; Mulders, G.D.; Pascucci, I.; Bergsten, G.J.; Koskinen, T.T.; Hardegree-Ullman, K.K.; Pearson, K.A.; Giacalone, S.; Zink, J.; Ciardi, D.R.; O'Brien, P. pterodactyls: A Tool to Uniformly Search and Vet for Young Transiting Planets in TESS Primary Mission Photometry 2022 Astronomical Journal 164 78
Kalyaan, A.; Pinilla, P.; Krijt, S.; Banzatti, A.; Rosotti, G.; Mulders, G.D.; Lambrechts, M.; Long, F.; Herczeg, G.J. The Effect of Dust Evolution and Traps on Inner Disk Water Enrichment 2023 Astrophysical Journal 954 66
Kalyaan, A.; Pinilla, P.; Krijt, S.; Mulders, G.D.; Banzatti, A. Linking Outer Disk Pebble Dynamics and Gaps to Inner Disk Water Enrichment 2021 Astrophysical Journal 921 84
Long, F.; Ren, B.B.; Wallack, N.L.; Harsono, D.; Herczeg, G.J.; Pinilla, P.; Mawet, D.; Liu, M.C.; Andrews, S.M.; Bai, X.N.; Cabrit, S.; Cieza, L.A.; Johnstone, D.; Leisenring, J.M.; Lodato, G.; Liu, Y.; Manara, C.F.; Mulders, G.D.; Ragusa, E.; Sallum, S.; Shi, Y.F.; Tazzari, M.; Uyama, T.; Wagner, K.; Wilner, D.J.; Xuan, J.W. A Large Double-ring Disk Around the Taurus M Dwarf J04124068+2438157 2023 Astrophysical Journal 949 27
Mulders, G.D.; Drazkowska, J.; van der Marel, N.; Ciesla, F.J.; Pascucci, I. Why Do M Dwarfs Have More Transiting Planets? 2021 Astrophysical Journal Letters 920 L1
Mulders, G.D.; Pascucci, I.; Ciesla, F.J.; Fernandes, R.B. The Mass Budgets and Spatial Scales of Exoplanet Systems and Protoplanetary Disks 2021 Astrophysical Journal 920 66
van der Marel, N.; Bosman, A.D.; Krijt, S.; Mulders, G.D.; Bergner, J.B. If you like C/O variations, you should have put a ring on it 2021 Astronomy & Astrophysics 653 L9
van der Marel, N.; Mulders, G.D. A Stellar Mass Dependence of Structured Disks: A Possible Link with Exoplanet Demographics 2021 Astronomical Journal 162 28