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Park, Y.; Fuentes-Hernandez, C.; Kim, K.; Chou, W.F.; Larrain, F.A.; Graham, S.; Pierron, O.N.; Kippelen, B. Skin-like low-noise elastomeric organic photodiodes 2021 Sciences Advances 7 eabj6565
Nam, M.; Park, Y.; Lee, C.; Kim, G.; Larrain, F.A.; Fuente-Hernandez, C.; Ko, D.H.; Kippelen, B. Single-layer organic photovoltaics fabricated via solution-based electrical doping of ternary bulk heterojunction films 2023 Chemical Engineering Journal 466 143340
Chang, Y.C.; Larrain, F.A.; Fuentes-Hernandez, C.; Park, Y.; Kippelen, B. Inverted organic tandem solar cells with a charge recombination stack employing spatially confined p-type electrical doping 2023 Journal of Applied Physics 134 095502