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Araya-Letelier, G.; Parra, P.F.; Lopez-Garcia, D.; Garcia-Valdes, A.; Candia, G.; Lagos, R. Collapse risk assessment of a Chilean dual wall-frame reinforced concrete office building 2019 Engineering Structures 183 770-779
Cando, M.A.; Hube, M.A.; Parra, P.F.; Arteta, C.A. Effect of stiffness on the seismic performance of code -conforming reinforced concrete shear wall buildings 2020 Engineering Structures 219 14 pp
Parra, P.F.; Arteta, C.A.; Moehle, J.P. Modeling criteria of older non-ductile concrete frame-wall buildings 2019 Bulletin Of Earthquake Engineering 17 6591-6620
Parra, P.F.; Moehle, J.P. Effects of strain gradients in the onset of global buckling in slender walls due to earthquake loading 2020 Bulletin Of Earthquake Engineering 18 3205-3221
Parra, P.F.; Moehle, J.P. Stability of Slender Wall Boundaries Subjected to Earthquake Loading 2017 Aci Structural Journal 114 1627-1636
Ugalde, D.; Lopez-Garcia, D.; Parra, P.F. Fragility-based analysis of the influence of effective stiffness of reinforced concrete members in shear wall buildings 2020 Bulletin Of Earthquake Engineering 18 2061-2082
Ugalde, D.; Parra, P.F.; Lopez-Garcia, D. Assessment of the seismic capacity of tall wall buildings using nonlinear finite element modeling 2019 Bulletin Of Earthquake Engineering 17 6565-6589