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Perez-Quezada, J.F.; Trejo, D.; Lopatin, J.; Aguilera, D.; Osborne, B.; Galleguillos, M.; Zattera, L.; Celis-Diez, J.L.; Armesto, J.J. Comparison of carbon and water fluxes and the drivers of ecosystem water use efficiency in a temperate rainforest and a peatland in southern South America 2024 Biogeosciences 21 1371-1389
Perez-Quezada, J.F.; Lopatin, J.; Donoso, M.R.; Hurtado, C.; Reyes, I.; Seguel, O.; Bown, H.E. Indicators of ecosystem degradation along an elevational gradient in the Mediterranean Andes 2023 Ecological Indicators 153 110388
Lopatin, J.; Araya-Lopez, R.; Galleguillos, M.; Perez-Quezada, J.F. Disturbance alters relationships between soil carbon pools and aboveground vegetation attributes in an anthropogenic peatland in Patagonia 2022 Ecology And Evolution 12 e8694
Perez-Quezada, J.F.; Perez, C.A.; Brito, C.E.; Fuentes, J.P.; Gaxiola, A.; Aguilera-Riquelme, D.; Lopatin, J. Biotic and abiotic drivers of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus stocks in a temperate rainforest 2021 Forest Ecology and Management 494 119341