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El Aiss, H.; Barbosa, K.A.; Peters, A.A. Nonlinear Time-Delay Observer-Based Control to Estimate Vehicle States: Lateral Vehicle Model 2022 IEEE Access 10 110459-110472
Escobar, C.; Vargas, F.J.; Peters, A.A.; Carvajal, G. A Cooperative Control Algorithm for Line and Predecessor Following Platoons Subject to Unreliable Distance Measurements 2023 Mathematics 11 801
Gordon, M.A.; Vargas, F.J.; Peters, A.A. Mean square stability conditions for platoons with lossy inter-vehicle communication channels 2023 Automatica 147 110710
Gordon, M.A.; Vargas, F.J.; Peters, A.A. Comparison of Simple Strategies for Vehicular Platooning With Lossy Communication 2021 IEEE Access 9 103996-104010
Peters, A.A.; Vargas, FJ.; Garrido, C.; Andrade, C.; Villenas, F. PL-TOON: A Low-Cost Experimental Platform for Teaching and Research on Decentralized Cooperative Control 2021 Sensors 21 2072
Veliz-Tejo, A.; Travieso-Torres, J.C.; Peters, A.A.; Mora, A.; Leiva-Silva, F. Normalized-Model Reference System for Parameter Estimation of Induction Motors 2022 Energies 15 4542
Villenas, F.I.; Vargas, F.J.; Peters, A.A. A Kalman-Based Compensation Strategy for Platoons Subject to Data Loss: Numerical and Empirical Study 2023 Mathematics 11 1228
Villenas, F.I.; Vargas, F.J.; Peters, A.A. Exploring the Role of Sampling Time in String Stabilization for Platooning: An Experimental Case Study 2023 Mathematics 11 2923