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Kirk, J.; Rackham, B.V.; MacDonald, R.J.; Lopez-Morales, M.; Espinoza, N.; Lendl, M.; Wilson, J.; D.J.; Wheatley, P.J.; Skillen, I.; Apai, D.; Bixel, A.; Gibson, N.P.; Jordan, A.; Lewis, N.K.; Louden, T.; McGruder, C.D.; Nikolov, N.; Rodler, F.; Weaver, I.C. ACCESS and LRG-BEASTS: A Precise New Optical Transmission Spectrum of the Ultrahot Jupiter WASP-103b 2021 Astronomical Journal 162 34
Weaver, I.C.; Lopez-Morales, M.; Espinoza, N.; Rackham, B.V.; Osip, D.J.; Apai, D.; Jordan, A.; Bixel, A.; Lewis, N.K.; Alam, M.K.; Kirk, J.; McGruder, C.; Rodler, F.; Fienco, J. ACCESS: A Visual to Near-infrared Spectrum of the Hot Jupiter WASP-43b with Evidence of H2O, but No Evidence of Na or K 2020 Astronomical Journal 159 21 pp
McGruder, C.D.; Lopez-Morales, M.; Espinoza, N.; Rackham, B.V.; Apai, D.; Jordan, A.; Osip, D.J.; Alam, M.K.; Bixel, A.; Fortney, J.J.; Henry, G.W.; Kirk, J.; Lewis, N.K.; Rodler, F.; Weaver, I.C. ACCESS: Confirmation of No Potassium in the Atmosphere of WASP-31b 2020 Astronomical Journal 160 22 pp
Yan, F.; Espinoza, N.; Molaverdikhani, K.; Henning, T.; Mancini, L.; Mallonn, M.; Rackham, B.V.; Apai, D.; Jordan, A.; Molliere, P.; Chen, G.; Carone, L.; Reiners, A. LBT transmission spectroscopy of HAT-P-12b: Confirmation of a cloudy atmosphere with no significant alkali features 2020 Astronomy & Astrophysics 642 13 pp