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Ramirez-Flandes, S.; Gonzalez, B.; Ulloa, O. Redox traits characterize the organization of global microbial communities 2019 Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences Of The United States Of America 116 3630-3635
Astorga-Elo, M.; Ramirez-Flandes, S.; DeLong, E.F.; Ulloa, O. Genomic potential for nitrogen assimilation in uncultivated members of Prochlorococcus from an anoxic marine zone 2015 ISME Journal 9 1264-1267
Goles, E.; Montalva-Medel, M.; Mortveit, H.; Ramirez-Flandes, S. Block Invariance in Elementary Cellular Automata 2015 Journal Of Cellular Automata 10 119-135
Plominsky, A.M.; Henriquez-Castillo, C.; Delherbe, N.; Podell, S.; Ramirez-Flandes, S.; Ugalde, J.A.; Santibanez, J.F.; van den Engh, G.; Hanselmann, K.; Ulloa, O.; De la Iglesia, R.; Allen, E.E.; Trefault, N. Distinctive Archaeal Composition of an Artisanal Crystallizer Pond and Functional Insights Into Salt-Saturated Hypersaline Environment Adaptation 2018 Frontiers In Microbiology 9 13 pp