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Cont, D.; Yan, F.; Reiners, A.; Nortmann, L.; Molaverdikhani, K.; Palle, E.; Stangret, M.; Henning, T.; Ribas, I.; Quirrenbach, A.; Caballero, J.A.; Osorio, M.R.Z.; Amado, P.J.; Aceituno, J.; Casasayas-Barris, N.; Czesla, S.; Kaminski, A.; Lopez-Puertas, M.; Montes, D.; Morales, J.C.; Morello, G.; Nagel, E.; Sanchez-Lopez, A.; Sedaghati, E.; Zechmeister, M. Silicon in the dayside atmospheres of two ultra-hot Jupiters 2022 Astronomy & Astrophysics 657 L2
Sedaghati, E.; Sanchez-Lopez, A.; Czesla, S.; Lopez-Puertas, M.; Amado, P.J.; Palle, E.; Molaverdikhani, K.; Caballero, J.A.; Nortmann, L.; Quirrenbach, A.; Reiners, A.; Ribas, I. Moderately misaligned orbit of the warm sub-Saturn HD 332231 b 2022 Astronomy & Astrophysics 659 A44
Trifonov, T.; Wollbold, A.; Kurster, M.; Eberhardt, J.; Stock, S.; Henning, T.; Reffert, S.; Butler, R.P.; Vogt, S.S.; Reiners, A.; Lee, M.H.; Bitsch, B.; Zechmeister, M.; Rodler, F.; Perdelwitz, V.; Tal-Or, L.; Rybizki, J.; Heeren, P.; Gandolfi, D.; Barragan, O.; Zakhozhay, O.; Sarkis, P.; Pinto, M.T.; Kossakowski, D.; Wolthoff, V.; Brems, S.S.; Passegger, V.M. A New Third Planet and the Dynamical Architecture of the HD33142 HD 33142 Planetary System 2022 Astronomical Journal 164 156
Yan, F.; Espinoza, N.; Molaverdikhani, K.; Henning, T.; Mancini, L.; Mallonn, M.; Rackham, B.V.; Apai, D.; Jordan, A.; Molliere, P.; Chen, G.; Carone, L.; Reiners, A. LBT transmission spectroscopy of HAT-P-12b: Confirmation of a cloudy atmosphere with no significant alkali features 2020 Astronomy & Astrophysics 642 13 pp