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Reus, L.; Fabozzi, F.J. Robust Solutions to the Life-Cycle Consumption Problem 2021 Computational Economics 57 481-499
Reus, L.; Prado, R. Need to Meet Investment Goals? Track Synthetic Indexes with the SDDP Method 2022 Computational Economics 60 47-69
Reus, L.; Munoz, F.D.; Moreno, R. Retail consumers and risk in centralized energy auctions for indexed long-term contracts in Chile 2018 Energy Policy 114 566-577
Reus, L.; Mulvey, J.M. Dynamic allocations for currency futures under switching regimes signals 2016 European Journal Of Operational Research 253 85-93
Villena, M.J.; Reus, L. On the strategic behavior of large investors: A mean-variance portfolio approach 2016 European Journal Of Operational Research 254 679-688
Castaneda, P.; Reus, L. Suboptimal investment behavior and welfare costs: A simulation based approach 2019 Finance Research Letters 30 170-180
Reus, L.; Carrasco, J.A.; Pincheira, P. Do it with a smile: Forecasting volatility with currency options 2020 Finance Research Letters 34 10 pp
Reus, L. Optimizing the equity reassignment process: A novel application for family businesses 2019 Heliyon 5 e02050
Reus, L.; Belbeze, M.; Feddersen, H.; Rubio, E. Extraction Planning Under Capacity Uncertainty at the Chuquicamata Underground Mine 2018 Interfaces 48 543-555
Bernales, A; Reus, L.; Valdenegro, V. Speculative bubbles under supply constraints, background risk and investment fraud in the art market 2022 Journal of Corporate Finance 77 101746
Reus, L. Currency risk in foreign currency accounts for small and medium-sized businesses 2019 Journal of Risk 22 59-78
Reus, L. Efficient selection of copper sales contracts for small- and medium-sized mining 2020 Managerial And Decision Economics 41 624-630
Reus, L.; Pagnoncelli, B.; Armstrong, M. Better management of production incidents in mining using multistage stochastic optimization 2019 Resources Policy 63 13 pp
Reus, L. English as a medium of instruction at a Chilean engineering school: Experiences in finance and industrial organization courses 2020 Studies in Educational Evaluation 67 100930