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Romero-Romero, J.L.; Inostroza-Blancheteau, C.; Orellana, D.; Aquea, F.; Reyes-Diaz, M.; Gil, P.M.; Matte, J.P.; Arce-Johnson, P. Stomata regulation by tissue-specific expression of the Citrus sinensis MYB61 transcription factor improves water-use efficiency in Arabidopsis 2018 Plant Physiology And Biochemistry 130 54-60
de la Guardia, ARH.; Ugalde, MB.; Lobos-Diaz, V.; Romero-Romero, JL.; Meyer-Regueiro, C.; Inostroza-Blancheteau, C.; Reyes-Diaz, M.; Aquea, F.; Arce-Johnson, P. Isolation and molecular characterization of MYB60 in Solanum lycopersicum 2021 Molecular Biology Reports 48 1579-1587