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Rojas, P.A .; Martinez, C.; Aguilar, C.; Briones, F.; Zelaya, M.E.; Guzman, D. Characterization of phase changes during fabrication of copper alloys, crystalline and non-crystalline, prepared by mechanical alloying 2016 Ingenieria E Investigacion 36 102-109
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Vera, R.; Cruz, E.; Bagnara, M.; Araya, R.; Henriquez, R.; Diaz-Gomez, A.; Rojas, P. Evaluation of anticorrosive coatings on carbon steel in marine environments: Accelerated corrosion test and field exposure 2018 International Journal of Electrochemical Science 13 898-914
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Araya-Letelier, G.; Antico, F.C.; Carrasco, M.; Rojas, P.; Garcia-Herrera, C.M. Effectiveness of new natural fibers on damage-mechanical performance of mortar 2017 Construction And Building Materials 152 672-682