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Carmignani, L.; Garg, P.; Thomsen, M.; Gollner, M.J.; Fernandez-Pello, C.; Urban, D.L.; Ruff, G.A. Effect of sub-atmospheric pressure on the characteristics of concurrent/upward flame spread over a thin solid 2022 Combustion and Flame 245 112312
Thomsen, M.; Cruz, J.J.; Escudero, F.; Fuentes, A.; Fernandez-Pello, C.; Gollner, M.; Urban, D.L.; Ruff, G.A. Determining flame temperature by broadband two color pyrometry in a flame spreading over a thin solid in microgravity 2023 Proceedings Of The Combustion Institute 39 3909-3918
Thomsen, M.; Fernandez-Pello, C.; Urban, D.L.; Ruff, G.A. On simulating the effect of gravity on concurrent flame spread over thin paper through variations in ambient pressure 2021 Combustion and Flame 232 111538