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Araya-Diaz, P.; Ruz, G.A.; Palomino, H.M. Discovering Craniofacial Patterns Using Multivariate Cephalometric Data for Treatment Decision Making in Orthodontics 2013 International Journal Of Morphology 31 1109-1115 details   pdf doi
Arias-Garzón, D.; Tabares-Soto, R.; Bernal-Salcedo. J.; Ruz, G.A. Biases associated with database structure for COVID-19 detection in X-ray images 2023 Scientific Reports 13 3477 details   doi
Billi, M.; Mascareno, A.; Henriquez, P.A.; Rodriguez, I.; Padilla, F.; Ruz, G.A. Learning from crises? The long and winding road of the salmon industry in Chiloe Island, Chile 2022 Marine Policy 140 105069 details   doi
Canals, C.; Goles, E.; Mascareno, A.; Rica, S.; Ruz, G.A. School Choice in a Market Environment: Individual versus Social Expectations 2018 Complexity 3793095 11 pp details   pdf doi
Chetty, M.; Hallinan, J.; Ruz, G.A.; Wipat, A. Computational intelligence and machine learning in bioinformatics and computational biology 2022 Biosystems 222 104792 details   doi
Cho, A.D.; Carrasco, R.A.; Ruz, G.A. Improving Prescriptive Maintenance by Incorporating Post-Prognostic Information Through Chance Constraints 2022 IEEE Access 10 55924-55932 details   doi
Cho, A.D.; Carrasco, R.A.; Ruz, G.A. A RUL Estimation System from Clustered Run-to-Failure Degradation Signals 2022 Sensors 22 5323 details   doi
Cho, A.D.; Carrasco, R.A.; Ruz, G.A.; Ortiz, J.L. Slow Degradation Fault Detection in a Harsh Environment 2020 IEEE Access 8 175904-175920 details   doi
Cillero, J.I.; Henriquez, P.A.; Ledger, T.W.; Ruz, G.A.; Gonzalez, B. Individual competence predominates over host nutritional status in Arabidopsis root exudate-mediated bacterial enrichment in a combination of four Burkholderiaceae species 2022 BMC Microbilogy 22 218 details   doi
Concha, M.; Ruz, G.A. Evaluation of Atmospheric Environmental Regulations: The Case of Thermoelectric Power Plants 2023 Atmosphere 14 358 details   doi
Cordero, R.; Mascareno, A.; Henriquez, P.A.; Ruz, G.A. Drawing constitutional boundaries: A digital historical analysis of the writing process of Pinochet's 1980 authoritarian constitution 2022 Historical Methods 55 145-167 details   doi
de la Cruz, R.; Padilla, O.; Valle, MA.; Ruz, G.A. Modeling Recidivism through Bayesian Regression Models and Deep Neural Networks 2021 Mathematics 9 639 details   doi
Di Genova, A.; Ruz, G.A.; Sagot, M.F.; Maass, A. Fast-SG: an alignment-free algorithm for hybrid assembly 2018 Gigascience 7 15 pp details   pdf doi
Goles, E.; Lobos, F.; Ruz, G.A.; Sene, S. Attractor landscapes in Boolean networks with firing memory: a theoretical study applied to genetic networks 2020 Natural Computing 19 295-319 details   doi
Goles, E.; Montalva, M.; Ruz, G.A. Deconstruction and Dynamical Robustness of Regulatory Networks: Application to the Yeast Cell Cycle Networks 2013 Bulletin Of Mathematical Biology 75 939-966 details   pdf doi
Goles, E.; Ruz, G.A. Dynamics of neural networks over undirected graphs 2015 Neural Networks 63 156-169 details   pdf doi
Gregor, C.; Ashlock, D.; Ruz, G.A.; MacKinnon, D.; Kribs, D. A novel linear representation for evolving matrices 2022 Soft Computing 26 6645-6657 details   doi
Henriquez, P.A.; Ruz, G.A. Noise reduction for near-infrared spectroscopy data using extreme learning machines 2019 Engineering Applications Of Artificial Intelligence 79 13-22 details   pdf doi
Henriquez, P.A.; Ruz, G.A. Twitter Sentiment Classification Based on Deep Random Vector Functional Link 2018 2018 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN) details   doi
Henriquez, P.A.; Ruz, G.A. A non-iterative method for pruning hidden neurons in neural networks with random weights 2018 Applied Soft Computing 70 1109-1121 details   pdf doi
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