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Beya-Marshall, V.; Arcos, E.; Seguel, O.; Galleguillos, M.; Kremer, C. Optimal irrigation management for avocado (cv. 'Hass') trees by monitoring soil water content and plant water status 2022 Agricultural Water Management 271 107794
Dinamarca, D.I.; Galleguillos, M.; Seguel, O.; Urbina, C.F. CLSoilMaps: A national soil gridded database of physical and hydraulic soil properties for Chile 2023 Scientific Data 10 630
Perez-Quezada, J.F.; Lopatin, J.; Donoso, M.R.; Hurtado, C.; Reyes, I.; Seguel, O.; Bown, H.E. Indicators of ecosystem degradation along an elevational gradient in the Mediterranean Andes 2023 Ecological Indicators 153 110388
Salazar, O.; Casanova, M.; Fuentes, J.P.; Galleguillos, M.; Najera, F.; Perez-Quezada, J.; Pfeiffer, M.; Renwick, L.; Seguel, O.; Tapia, Y. Soil research, management, and policy priorities in Chile 2022 Geoderma Regional 29 e00502
Smith-Ramirez, C.; Grez, A.; Galleguillos, M.; Cerda, C.; Ocampo-Melgar, A.; Miranda, M.D.; Munoz, A.A.; Rendon-Funes, A.; Diaz, I.; Cifuentes, C.; Alaniz, A.; Seguel, O.; Ovalle, J.; Montenegro, G.; Saldes-Cortes, A.; Martinez-Harms, M.J.; Armesto, J.J.; Vita, A . Ecosystem services of Chilean sclerophyllous forests and shrublands on the verge of collapse: A review 2023 Journal of Arid Environments 211 104927
Urbina, C.A.F.; Alanís, D.C.; Ramírez, E.; Seguel, O.; Fustos, I.J.; Donoso, P.D.; de Miranda, J.H.; Rakonjac, N.; Palma, S.E.; Galleguillos, M. Estimating soil water content in a thorny forest ecosystem by time-lapse electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) and HYDRUS 2D/3D simulations 2023 Hydrological Processes 37 e15002