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Araujo, J.; Ducoffe, G.; Nisse, N.; Suchan, K. On interval number in cycle convexity 2018 Discrete Mathematics And Theoretical Computer Science 20 35 pp
Becker, F.; Kosowski, A.; Matamala, M.; Nisse, N.; Rapaport, I.; Suchan, K.; Todinca, I. Allowing each node to communicate only once in a distributed system: shared whiteboard models 2015 Distributed Computing 28 189-200
D'Angelo, G.; Di Stefano, G.; Navarra, A.; Nisse, N.; Suchan, K. Computing on Rings by Oblivious Robots: A Unified Approach for Different Tasks 2015 Algorithmica 72 1055-1096
Fomin, F.V.; Golovach, P.A.; Kratochvil, J.; Nisse, N.; Suchan, K. Pursuing a fast robber on a graph 2010 Theoretical Computer Science 411 1167-1181
Gaspers, S.; Liedloff, M.; Stein, M.; Suchan, K. Complexity of splits reconstruction for low-degree trees 2015 Discrete Applied Mathematics 180 89-100
Kosowski, A.; Li, B.; Nisse, N.; Suchan, K. k-Chordal Graphs: From Cops and Robber to Compact Routing via Treewidth 2015 Algorithmica 72 758-777
Kowalik, L.; Pilipczuk, M.; Suchan, K. Towards optimal kernel for connected vertex cover in planar graphs 2013 Discrete Applied Mathematics 161 1154-1161
Lespay, H.; Suchan, K. Territory Design for the Multi-Period Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows 2022 Computers & Operations Research 145 105866
Lespay, H.; Suchan, K. A case study of consistent vehicle routing problem with time windows 2021 International Transactions In Operational Research 28 1135-1163
Li, B.; Moataz, F.Z.; Nisse, N.; Suchan, K. Minimum size tree-decompositions 2018 Discrete Applied Mathematics 245 109-127
Munoz-Herrera, S.; Suchan, K. Constrained Fitness Landscape Analysis of Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problems 2022 Entropy 24 53
Munoz-Herrera, S.; Suchan, K. Local Optima Network Analysis of Multi-Attribute Vehicle Routing Problems 2022 Mathematics 10 4644
Nisse, N.; Rapaport, I.; Suchan, K. Distributed computing of efficient routing schemes in generalized chordal graphs 2012 Theoretical Computer Science 444 17-27
Rapaport, I.; Suchan, K.; Todinca, I.; Verstraete, J. On Dissemination Thresholds in Regular and Irregular Graph Classes 2011 Algorithmica 59 16-34