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Mejia, H.F.G.; Toledo-Alarcon, J.; Rodriguez, B.; Cifuentes, J.R.; Porre, F.O.; Haeger, M.P.L.; Ovalle, N.V.; Astudillo, C.L.; Garcia, A. Direct recycling of discarded reverse osmosis membranes for domestic wastewater treatment with a focus on water reuse 2022 Chemical Engineering Research & Design 184 473-487
Ortega-Martinez, E.; Toledo-Alarcon, J.; Fernandez, E.; Campos, J.L.; Oyarzun, R.; Etchebehere, C.; Cardena, R.; Cabezas, A.; Koók, L.; Bakonyi, P. A review of autotrophic denitrification for groundwater remediation: A special focus on bioelectrochemical reactors 2024 Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 12 111552
Zuniga-Barra, H.; Ortega-Martinez, E.; Toledo-Alarcon, J.; Torres-Aravena, A.; Jorquera, L.; Rivas, M.; Jeison, D. Potential Use of Microbially Induced Calcite Precipitation for the Biocementation of Mine Tailings 2023 Minerals 13 506
Zuniga-Barra, H.; Toledo-Alarcon, J.; Torres-Aravena, A.; Jorquera, L.; Rivas, M.; Gutierrez, L.; Jeison, D. Improving the sustainable management of mining tailings through microbially induced calcite precipitation: A review 2022 Minerals Engineering 189 107855