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Saji, C.; Troncoso, R.E.; Carvalho-Santos, V.L.; Altbir, D.; Nunez, A.S. Hopfion-Driven Magnonic Hall Effect and Magnonic Focusing 2023 Physical Review Letters 131 166702
Vidal-Silva, N.; Troncoso, R.E. Time-dependent strain-tuned topological magnon phase transition 2022 Physical Review B 106 224401
Shiranzaei, M.; Troncoso, R.E.; Fransson, O.; Brataas, A.; Qaiumzadeh, A. Thermal squeezing and nonlinear spectral shift of magnons in antiferromagnetic insulators 2022 New Journal of Physics 24 103009
Gao, T.H.; Qaiumzadeh, A.; Troncoso, R.E.; Haku, S.; An, H.Y.; Nakayama, H.; Tazaki, Y.; Zhang, S.; Tu, R.; Asami, A.; Brataas, A.; Ando, K. Impact of inherent energy barrier on spin-orbit torques in magnetic-metal/semimetal heterojunctions 2023 Nature Communications 14