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Pugazhenthiran, N.; Sathishkumar, P.; Albormani, O.; Murugesan, S.; Kandasamy, M.; Selvaraj, M.; Suresh, S.; Kumar, S.K.; Contreras, D.; Valdes, H.; Mangalaraja, R.V. Silver nanoparticles modified ZnO nanocatalysts for effective degradation of ceftiofur sodium under UV-vis light illumination 2023 Chemosphere 313 137515
Pugazhenthiran, N.; Valdes, H.; Mangalaraja, R.V.; Sathishkumar, P.; Murugesan, S. Graphene modified “black {001}TiO2” nanosheets for photocatalytic oxidation of ethylene: The implications of chemical surface characteristics in the reaction mechanism 2022 Separation And Purification Technology 292 121008
Sahlevani, S.F.; Pandiyarajan, T.; Arulraj, A.; Valdes, H.; Sanhueza, F.; Contreras, D.; Gracia-Pinilla, M.A.; Mangalaraja, R.V. Tailored engineering of rod-shaped core@shell ZnO@CeO2 nanostructures as an optical stimuli-responsive in sunscreen cream 2024 Materials Today Communications 38 107959
Shanmugaraj, K.; Vinoth, V.; Pugazhenthiran, N.; Valdes, H.; Salvo, C.; Sepulveda, E.; Mangalaraja, R.V. Ferrihydrite- Graphene oxide foams as an efficient adsorbent for Arsenic (III) removal from an aqueous solution 2023 Inorganic Chemistry Communications 153 110892
Vinoth, V.; Kaimal, R.; Selvamani, M.; Michael, R.; Pugazhenthiran, N.; Mangalaraja, R.V.; Valdes, H.; Anandan, S. Synergistic impact of nanoarchitectured GQDs-AgNCs(APTS) modified glassy carbon electrode in the electrochemical detection of guanine and adenine 2023 Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 934 117302