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del Valle, M.A.; Ramos, A.C.; Diaz, F.R.; Gacitua, M.A. Electrosynthesis and Characterisation of Polymer Nanowires from Thiophene and its Oligomers 2015 Journal Of The Brazilian Chemical Society 26 2313-2320
Valle, M.A.; Ruz, G.A. Market Basket Analysis Using Boltzmann Machines 2019 Lecture Notes in Computer Sciences 11730
Valle, M.A.; Ruz, G.A. Turnover Prediction In A Call Center: Behavioral Evidence Of Loss Aversion Using Random Forest And Naive Bayes Algorithms 2015 Applied Artificial Intelligence 29 923-942
Valle, M.A.; Ruz, G.A.; Masias, V.H. Using self-organizing maps to model turnover of sales agents in a call center 2017 Applied Soft Computing 60 763-774
Valle, M.A.; Ruz, G.A.; Morras, R. Market basket analysis: Complementing association rules with minimum spanning trees 2018 Expert Systems With Applications 97 146-162
Valle, M.A.; Ruz, G.A.; Rica, S. Market basket analysis by solving the inverse Ising problem: Discovering pairwise interaction strengths among products 2019 Physica A-Statistical Mechanics And Its Applications 524 36-44
Valle, M.A.; Ruz, G.A.; Rica, S. Transactional Database Analysis by Discovering Pairwise Interactions Strengths 2018 2018 IEEE/ACM International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining (ASONAM) 2018
Valle, M.A.; Ruz, G.A.; Varas, S. A survival model based on met expectations Application to employee turnover in a call center 2015 Academia-Revista Latinoamericana De Administracion 28 177-194
Valle, M.A.; Ruz, G.A.; Varas, S. Explaining job satisfaction and intentions to quit from a value-risk perspective 2015 Academia-Revista Latinoamericana De Administracion 28 523-540
Valle, M.A.; Varas, S.; Ruz, G.A. Job performance prediction in a call center using a naive Bayes classifier 2012 Expert Systems With Applications 39 9939-9945