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Cabrera, M.; Cordova-Lepe, F.; Gutierrez-Jara, J.P-; Vogt-Geisse, K. An SIR-type epidemiological model that integrates social distancing as a dynamic law based on point prevalence and socio-behavioral factors 2021 Scientific Reports 11 10170
Cordova-Lepe, F.; Vogt-Geisse, K. Adding a reaction-restoration type transmission rate dynamic-law to the basic SEIR COVID-19 model 2022 Plos One 17 e0269843
Gutierrez-Jara, J.P.; Vogt-Geisse, K.; Cabrera, M.; Cordova-Lepe, F.; Munoz-Quezada, M.T. Effects of human mobility and behavior on disease transmission in a COVID-19 mathematical model 2022 Scientific Reports 12 10840
Kapitanov, G.; Alvey, C.; Vogt-Geisse, K.; Feng, Z.L. An Age-Structured Model For The Coupled Dynamics Of Hiv And Hsv-2 2015 Mathematical Biosciences And Engineering 12 803-840
Soto, P.C.; Cartes, C.; Davies, T.P.; Olivari, J.; Rica, S.; Vogt-Geisse, K. The anatomy of the 2019 Chilean social unrest 2020 Chaos 30 14 pp
Tariq, A.; Undurraga, EA.; Laborde, CC.; Vogt-Geisse, K.; Luo, RY.; Rothenberg, R.; Chowell, G. Transmission dynamics and control of COVID-19 in Chile, March-October, 2020 2021 Plos Neglected Tropical Diseases 15 e0009070
Vogt-Geisse, K.; Lorenzo, C.; Feng, Z.L. Impact Of Age-Dependent Relapse And Immunity On Malaria Dynamics 2013 Journal Of Biological Systems 21 49 pp
Vogt-Geisse, K.; Ngonghala, C.N.; Feng, Z.L. The Impact Of Vaccination On Malaria Prevalence: A Vaccine-Age-Structured Modeling Approach 2020 Journal Of Biological Systems 28 475-513