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Faes, M.G.R.; Valdebenito, M.A.; Yuan, X.K.; Wei, P.F.; Beer, M. Augmented reliability analysis for estimating imprecise first excursion probabilities in stochastic linear dynamics 2021 Advances in Engineering Software 155 102993
Yuan, X.K.; Faes, M.G.R.; Liu, S.L.; Valdebenito, M.A.; Beer, M. Efficient imprecise reliability analysis using the Augmented Space Integral 2021 Reliability Engineering & System Safety 210 107477
Yuan, X.K.; Liu, S.L.; Faes, M.; Valdebenito, M.A.; Beer, M. An efficient importance sampling approach for reliability analysis of time-variant structures subject to time-dependent stochastic load 2021 Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 159 107699
Yuan, X.K.; Liu, S.L.; Valdebenito, M.A.; Faes, M.G.R.; Jerez, D.J.; Jensen, H.A.; Beer, M. Decoupled reliability-based optimization using Markov chain Monte Carlo in augmented space 2021 Advances in Engineering Software 157 103020
Yuan, X.K.; Liu, S.L.; Valdebenito, M.A.; Gu, J.; Beer, M. Efficient procedure for failure probability function estimation in augmented space 2021 Structural Safety 92 102104