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Cruz, J.J.; Escudero, F.; Alvarez, E.; da Silva, L.F.F.; Carvajal, G.; Thomsen, M.; Fuentes, A. Three-wavelength broadband soot pyrometry technique for axisymmetric flames 2021 Optics Letters 46 2654-2657
Grigioni, I.; Polo, A.; Dozzi, M.V.; Stamplecoskie, K.G.; Jara, D.H.; Kamat, P.V.; Selli, E. Enhanced Charge Carrier Separation in WO3/BiVO4 Photoanodes Achieved via Light Absorption in the BiVO4 Layer 2022 ACS Applied Energy Materials 5 1314213148
Moffat, R.; Jadue, C.; Beltran, J.F.; Herrera, R. Experimental evaluation of geosynthetics as reinforcement for shotcrete 2017 Geotextiles And Geomembranes 45 161-168
Parot, R.; Rivera, J.I.; Reszka, P.; Torero, J.L.; Fuentes, A. A simplified analytical model for radiation dominated ignition of solid fuels exposed to multiple non-steady heat fluxes 2022 Combustion and Flame 237 111866
Rao, B.V.B.; Jena, M.; Aepuru, R.; Udayabhaskar, R.; Mangalaraja, R.V.; Espinoza-Gonzalez, R.; Kale, S.N. Superior electromagnetic wave absorption performance of Fe3O4 modified graphene assembled porous carbon (mGAPC) based hybrid foam 2022 Materials Chemistry and Physics 290 126512
Thomsen, M.C.; Fuentes, A.; Demarco, R.; Volkwein, C.; Consalvi, J.L.; Reszka, P. Soot measurements in candle flames 2017 Experimental Thermal And Fluid Science 82 116-123